June 6 and 7:   SOM Weekend in Leavenworth, mandatory for Sound of Music kids (including Liesl), Maria, & Captain. Captain & Maria also rehearse on Friday evening, June 5.

June 10:   All rehearsals begin.

The full schedule is sent out in early May.


Complete schedule available here on our website.

The Sound of Music
20 performances at the Ski Hill Amphitheater.  July 3 – August 30.

The Music Man
12 performances at Hatchery Park.  July 15 – Aug 29.

The Secret Garden
7 performances at the Ski Hill Amphitheater.  July 28 – Aug 27.



Stipends – All actors are paid per show. Stipends are for those 18 and over as of June 1, 2020. Base stipends are $650 for The Secret Garden, $800 for The Music Man, and $1000 for The Sound of Music. These stipends are for the entire run of the show, not per performance. Actors under the age of 18 will receive a travel allowance between $150 and $300, depending on the show, to offset the cost of being involved in the production.

Additional assistance for housing or transportation costs may be available to help out-of-area actors and musicians who would not otherwise be able to participate. Please talk to the Executive Director at auditions for more information.

Health Concerns – In the interest of actor safety and performance integrity, please disclose any health concerns or anticipated physical changes to the Executive Director at the time of auditions. This includes but is not limited to conditions like asthma or diabetes, and also wonderfully positive things like pregnancy. The schedule and outdoor conditions can be rigorous, and our utmost concern is for this to be a safe experience for everyone involved. 

Smoke  — In the event of wildfires, our shows will continue to perform as long as the safety and integrity of the cast and facility are guaranteed. The Executive Director is responsible for the decision whether or not to continue a performance and will base their decision on information from the Forest Service, Health Department, and other government agencies. By participating in the summer season, cast and crew agree to perform the show as created despite inclement conditions, with the full understanding that the safety of the cast and crew are the highest priority to LST leadership.

Housing  —  We are currently unable to provide housing. However, we are almost always able to provide a connection or opportunity for reasonable housing in the area. Additionally, many actors can choose to find additional employment either with LST or in the tourism industry in Leavenworth.

Physical Appearance  —  Eyeglasses and braces are not to be worn during performances, unless the directors specifically ask for glasses for a role. Actors should also not cut or change their hair and/or facial hair after casting without first talking to the directors. Some roles may require growing longer hair and/or facial hair.