The greatest and grandest of Golden Age musicals will come to life on LST stages for the first time in our history. Join us for this marvelous story that celebrates what it means to be alive!  Hello, Dolly! features well-known and loved melodies, thrilling dance numbers, riotous comedy, and of course – Mrs. Dolly Levi!

Based on Thornton Wilder’s novel, The Matchmaker, our show follows the irrepressible Dolly Levi as she orchestrates life, adventure, and even love for her friends – finding and reclaiming her own life along the way. A parade, an elegant day out on the town, and everything culminates in a jaw-dropping dance at the swankiest restaurant in town — Hello, Dolly! is musical theatre at its absolute finest, and will be a fantastic night out under the stars.

Life is full of so many wonderful things!


Directed by Daina Toevs.


Dolly Levi                       Dorothy Pierce
Irene Molloy                   Stephanie Etherington
Minnie Fay                     Maddy Atwood
Ermengarde                  Annalisa Brinchmann
Ernestina Money          Ally Atwood
Mrs. Rose                      Briar Hoper
Horace Vandergelder   John Mausser
Cornelius Hackl            Christopher Puckett
Barnaby Tucker             Mason Atwood
Ambrose Kemper         Bradley Stieger
Rudolph Reisenweber  Gary Hesse
The Judge                      John Wagner
Female Ensemble          Marina Pierce
Female Ensemble          Kara Blackwell
Female Ensemble          Robin Mae Becar
Female Ensemble          Dayle Theisen
Female Ensemble          Katie Evans
Female Ensemble          Trisha Miller
Female Ensemble          Michela Muñoz-Brown
Male Ensemble              Avery Horton
Male Ensemble              Zach Savage
Male Ensemble              Haunz Stroschein
Male Ensemble              Steven Macias
Male Ensemble              Noah Skillman
Male Ensemble              James Klarich
Male Ensemble              Alex Gallo

Dolly u/s                         Briar Hoper
Irene u/s                         Kara Blackwell
Minnie u/s                      Marina Pierce
Cornelius u/s                 Bradley Stieger
Barnaby u/s                   Avery Horton
Horace u/s                    Gary Hesse
Ambrose u/s                 Haunz Stroschein

Family Guide

People have different ideas about what material is appropriate, both for themselves and their families. This guide is provided to give you information to determine if the content of this production is suitable for you and your loved ones. Please be aware that this information is provided with the intent of disclosure, and therefore contains plot spoilers:


There is no sexual content, or themes of a “mature” nature in the show.


There are a few discussions among the characters about ordering champagne and a few characters appear to drink “alcoholic” beverages onstage.  Champagne and wine are ordered and served during dinner at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant. There is no blasphemy in the show, but there are a few utterances of the word ‘damn’ and ‘hell and damnation’ (e.g “Not yours, hell and damnation, mine!”).


There are no references to violence or being violent or aggressive, and there are no references of any kind to weapons.