The Sound of Music

2014 performance dates:

July 4, 5, 11, 12, 17, 19, 22, 24, 25, 31 & August 1, 5, 8, 14, 16, 19, 22, 27, 30, 31


Join us as this classic production takes new life in the gorgeous Ski Hill Amphitheater.  The story of the von Trapp family has found a place in the hearts of everyone who sees it, and becomes a truly magical evening in the mountains, out under the stars.  Don’t miss this signature Leavenworth experience!


Please note that infants and children under 5 are not admitted to LST shows.

Family Guide

People have different ideas about what material is appropriate, both for themselves and their families. This guide is provided to give you information to determine if the content of this production is suitable for you and your loved ones. Please be aware that this information is provided with the intent of disclosure, and therefore contains plot spoilers:

The story of The Sound of Music is based loosely on the true story of Maria Rainer and the von Trapp family.  It takes place in Salzburg, Austria, during the last golden years of the 1930’s before World War II devastated Europe. Maria begins as a postulant at the Abbey, but the Mother Abbess doubts Maria’s readiness for the novitiate and instead sends her to Captain Georg Von Trapp to act as governess for his seven children. Since his wife passed away some years earlier, Captain Von Trapp has become withdrawn and embittered, and his children have been raised by a string of governesses, none of whom could cope with the demanding task. The children eventually succumb to Maria’s charms, her heartfelt ways, and especially her love of music. Captain Von Trapp returns from Vienna with the sophisticated, wealthy Elsa Schraeder, whom he intends to marry.  However, during a very eventful dinner party it becomes clear that the Captain and Maria have romantic feelings for one another. Confused by these emotions, Maria flees to the Abbey.  There the Mother Abbess instructs Maria to return to the Von Trapp house and find the path that God has chosen for her. 
The story is one of courage, the power of music and love, and the restoration of faith.


While the Captain and Maria’s story is one of attraction and worldly love, The Sound of Music is a show free of innuendo or inference to sexual matters.


Champagne is seemingly served at a party to the adult guests. Drunkenness is never depicted and there are no other references to drugs or alcohol. There is no “off-color” language in The Sound of Music.


1938 was a scary time in Europe. This very real and factually based story of the Nazi occupation of Austria permeates Act II. Actors dressed as Nazi soldiers appear at the concert scene and in the dark scene that follows. This and the music and sound effects played for a short stint could be scary to young children. A gun is brandished in the same scene, and there are a few incidences of actors being slapped, but there is no other overt violence in the show.


Please note that infants and children under 5 are not admitted to LST shows.

Directed by Phil Lacey

2014 Cast

Maria Rainer -    Marissa Rydersomstage2013-5223vert
Captain von Trapp - Ernest Palmer
Mother Abbess -    Susan Gubsch
Liesl/Nun -   Lexi Jason, Kaylene Jackson
Louisa -     Morgan Van Vleck, Andrea Sorensen
Friedrich -   Grayson J. Smith, Josh Preston
Brigitta -   Kaitlin Hess, Chloe Forsyth
Kurt -    Landon Davies, Carter Hagopian
Marta -    Lydia Cameron, Dayna Dickson
Gretl -    Piper Lodato, Kiley Moore
Elsa Schraeder -   Sarah Karnes
Max Detweiler - Morgan Bader
Rolf Gruber/Nazi -  Dennis Peters, Trevor Williams
Sister Berthe -   Kelly Allen
Sister Margaretta -  Sarah Hadley
Sister Sophia -   Liz Oyama

Postulant -   Megan Smith
Nuns Chorus:

Ally Atwood
Arwen Dewey
Abby Hughes
Sarah Karnes
Megan Klarich
Erin McLeod
Herr Zeller -   Ryan Anderson
Frau Schmidt -Carrie Sorensen
Franz -    Nicholas Main
Ursula -    Ally Atwood
Baroness Elberfeld -  Erin McLeod
Priest -    Michael Murphy
Admiral -   Brian Hollander
Baron Elberfeld -  Gary Hesse
Nazi/Party Guest -  Jeremy Klarich, Austin Raver
Maria -     Sarah Hadley
Captain -   Gary Hesse
Mother Abbess - Megan Klarich
Sister Margaretta -  Arwen Dewey
Baron Elberfeld -  Michael Murphy

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