Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 2013


Join us under the stars at Hatchery Park for a playful return to Ancient Egypt, where Joseph escapes the evil plans of his brothers and a series of misfortunes to emerge as second-in-command to Pharaoh himself. The delightful Andrew Lloyd-Webber score is a musical pastiche ranging from country to calypso, with a special appearance by the King of Rock ‘n Roll himself.


Please note that infants and children under 5 are not admitted to LST shows.




People have different ideas about what material is appropriate, both for themselves and their families. This guide is provided to give you information to determine if the content of this production is suitable for you and your loved ones. Please be aware that this information is provided with the intent of disclosure, and therefore contains plot spoilers:


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a fun, family-friendly show with an accessible storyline, universal themes and an eclectic assortment of catchy tunes.  A charismatic Narrator and children’s choir guide the audience through the story, which is loosely based on the biblical tale of Joseph from the book of Genesis.  Jacob is the father of twelve sons and among them he strongly favors Joseph, a handsome, honest young man with a gift for interpreting dreams.  Jacob gives Joseph a spectacular coat of many colors, which is the final straw that makes his jealous brothers conspire to sell Joseph into slavery.  Joseph is taken to Egypt where he endures a series of adventures and trials in which his courage and humanity are continually challenged.  Eventually Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams elevates him from serving an unjust prison sentence to leading Egypt as Pharaoh’s second in command.  Joseph’s brothers, having suffered greatly during a long famine, unknowingly find themselves groveling at the feet of the long-lost brother they no longer recognize.  After testing their integrity, Joseph reveals himself, leading to a heart-warming reconciliation of the sons of Israel and a boisterous mega-mix finale that will leave audiences cheering.

The character of Mrs. Potiphar is an alluring woman who attempts to seduce Joseph but he rebuffs her advances.  Although the intent of the scene is clear, it will be staged in an exaggerated way as a humorous dance number.  Pharaoh will show off some of Elvis’s signature hip-related dance moves.  Also, Joseph and some of the other male actors playing slaves will appear shirtless.

There is no profanity in the show.
Drugs and alcohol are not a significant part of the show.  Some characters may appear to “smoke” cigarettes during a French-themed scene.  One of the song lyrics references crushing grapes into wine.
Joseph’s brothers contemplate killing him but ultimately decide to instead sell Joseph into slavery and fake his death by “killing” a goat and covering Joseph’s coat with the goat’s blood.  During this scene a stuffed toy goat may be torn apart onstage and some fake blood will appear on pieces of fabric.  There is a passing reference to a character’s execution date in one song and there are references to slaughtering and/or eating animals in a few lyrics.

Please note that infants and children under 5 are not admitted to LST shows.


2013 Cast

Directed by Tiffany Mausser

Joseph:   Kenneth Millerjos_130714-6069
Narrator:   Cherisse Martinelli
Jacob:    Gary Hesse
Pharaoh:   Morgan Bader
Reuben:   Ernest Palmer
Simeon:   Cody Lippert
Levi:    Bradley Stieger
Judah:    Morgan Bader
Dan:    Nicholas Tarabini
Naphtali:   Nick Hyett-Schnell
Gad:    Michael McCormick
Asher:    Henry Van Leishout
Issachar:   Trevor Williams
Zebulun:   Kable Barnhart
Benjamin:   Jeremy Klarich
“One More Angel” soloist: Henry Van Leishout
“Those Canaan Days” soloist: Ernest Palmer
“Benjamin Calypso” soloist: Nicholas Tarabini
Potiphar:   Morgan Bader
Mrs. Potiphar:   Christina Masson
Potiphar Trio:   Nick Hyett-Schnell, Bradley Stieger, Nicholas Tarabinijos_130714-6006
Baker:    Nick Hyett-Schnell
Butler:    Trevor Williams
Reuben’s Wife:  Natalie Copeland
Simeon’s Wife:  Nikki Delmarter
Levi’s Wife:   Megan McCord
Judah’s Wife:   Kylie Rose
Dan’s Wife:   Christina Masson
Naphtali’s Wife:  Megan Smith
Gad’s Wife:   Allison Drescher
Asher’s Wife:   Heather McQuarrie
Issachar’s Wife:  Kelsey Hull
Zebulun’s Wife:  Kaylene Jackson

Children’s Chorus:jos_130714-5819

Hadyn Gunter
Grace Orallo
Emma Palmer
Madeline Schiefelbein
Reilly Schoening
Talen Schoening
Julia Vandel
Morgan Van Vleck
Celeste Villalobos
Nikki Wisemore

Joseph:    Nicholas Tarabini
Narrator:   Heather McQuarrie