Footloose 2015

Based on the iconic movie musical, Footloose! explodes onto stage with exuberance, high octane dance numbers and unforgettable 80’s power ballads that will have you dancing in your seat and singing in the shower. 

This is the story of Ren McCormack, a Chicago teenager who is uprooted by tragedy and planted in a sleepy Midwestern town where - due to a terrible car accident - curfews are early, rock n’ roll is frowned upon, and dancing is straight up illegal! But as he makes friends and enemies in the town - including Ariel, the free-spirited daughter of the outspoken local minister, and Willard, a farm boy with a heart of gold - they realize that they cannot be silent in the face of grief. They must toe the line, find their voice, and reclaim their right to joy, their right to dance.

Fueled by such 80’s hits as “Holding Out for a Hero”, “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” and, of course, “Footloose”, the show rockets along with hilarious high school antics, memorable love stories, and a celebration of what dance does to uplift the human spirit.

Find your voice. Kick up your heels. And everybody cut Footloose!


Please note that infants and children under 5 are not admitted to LST shows.



People have different ideas about what material is appropriate, both for themselves and their families. This guide is provided to give you information to determine if the content of this production is suitable for you and your loved ones. Please be aware that this information is provided with the intent of disclosure, and therefore contains plot spoilers:


Footloose is a coming-of-age story, and as such has content that exemplifies the various ways that teenagers are learning about the world around them and the way the expression that learning elicits conflicts with the more traditional values of their parents. The authors of the show did not shy away from presenting these conflicts and the director of this particular production believes that it is only in the face of these conflicts that the full redemptive qualities of Footloose can be expressed. Any potentially objectionable content is included only as an indicator of the decade within which the show is set and the conflicts and struggles of identity that come with being a teenager, and are by no means gratuitous or graphic. This production would likely be rated PG if it were a movie.

Sexual content:  There is an implied sexual relationship between Ariel and the “bad boy”. Occasional innuendo occurs within either a romantic or rebellious context. And the teenagers also occasionally express their growing sexual awareness through dance, but there is no overt sexual activity.

Violence:  Bullying and farm-boy fighting occurs between Ren, Willard and the town boys. There are references to the “bad boy” hitting Ariel. And there are also struggles, including a slap, between the two of them on stage.

Language:  There is occasional use of the words “damn” and “hell.”

Alcohol: The topic of teenage drinking is mentioned, and two cast members “drink a beer” onstage, but the importance of responsibility and a designated driver is emphasized in the script before this occurs.


Please note that infants and children under 5 are not admitted to LST shows.


2013 Cast

Directed by Philip Evart Lacey

Ren McCormack: Nick Hyett-Schnell

Ariel Moore: Cherisse Martinelli

Willard Hewitt: Kenneth Miller
Rusty: Heather McQuarrie
Urleen: Kelsey Hull
Wendy Jo: Kaylene Jackson
Chuck Cranston: Henry Van Leishout
Lyle: Bradley Stieger
Travis: Nicholas Tarabini
The Adults:
Rev. Shaw Moore: Ernest Palmer
Vi Moore: Anneliese Childress
Ethel McCormack: Jenness Klein-Schrenzel
Wes Warnicker: John Mausser
Lulu Warnicker: Megan Klarich
Coach Dunbar: Michael Murphy
Eleanor Dunbar/Betty Blast: Danielle Schafer-Cloke
Principal Clark: Brian Hollander
Cowboy Bob/Cop: Morgan Bader
High School Kids:
Jeter: Jace Pauly
Debbie Lynn: Natalie Copeland
Trix: Christina Massonfl2013-6304
Squeaky: Megan Smith
Charlie/Fiddler: Marisa Wickerath
Gabby: Morgan Van Vleck
Boss: Trevor Williams
Donna: McKenzie Hemstrom
Ren McCormack: Nicholas Tarabini
Ariel Moore: Natalie Copeland
Rev. Shaw Moore: John Mausser
Wes Warnicker: Brian Hollander